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Jess Keene
EleVAte - Business Guardian, OBM

Bringing you freedom in your business
and balance to your life!


As an Online Business Manager, Jess loves to guide busy business owners on the path to success. She does this by finding the cause of your problems and assigning a solution to each one. Together, we start to then build your idea of the future, creating realistic and ambitious goals, putting in place structured plans to achieve each one with Jess by your side, guiding you the whole way, to keep you motivated, accountable and in a positive mindset, as well as being your biggest cheerleader!


Jess's incredible team of Virtual Assistants are there to action any tasks you dislike, aren’t good at, or do not have time for, to take the weight off of you and give you back more time to focus on the better things. They are a fantastic, supportive and creative team of wonderful people, carefully handpicked by Jess and together, we are EleVAte!

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How can we help you?

Our experienced and talented team is skilled in a wide range of services, meaning you can put all your eggs in our basket!

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Business Guardian

Web Design

Our Values

Positivity   Creativity  |  Nurture  |  Growth  |  Balance

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Business Growth Plan

6 Months of Growth, Support, Motivation and Accountability in your pocket

Logo Design and Branding

Your logo is EVERYTHING. We work together to create perfection for you and your business. Once complete, you receive a full branding pack for future use to ensure your branding is consistent.

Logo Design and Branding Pack



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